10 Dec 12 Sprint 4G LTE Coverage Nashville, TN

Sprint 4G LTE Coverage in Nashville, TN

I bought a Sprint 4G LTE phone back in June because I was interested in Sprints Unlimited 4G LTE Plan. I was told that Sprint 4G LTE should be available by Auguest 2012 in Nashville, TN area. Well I knew for certain that there is no way Sprint will be able to complete that mark as the providers and ISP’s never do. I figured September, October might be the months. November came, and then December and no coverage. They said that they did some capacity upgrades in the area for 3G Coverage well that made even the 3G Coverage worst. Any ways so today I was sitting at work in Brentwood, TN and happen to look at my phone because the message light was flashing and all of a sudden I realize it said towards the top it said 4G. I was kinda surprised and thought it must be a mistake, something is probably wrong with the phone.

I proceeded to Sprints Website to check out the Sprint 4G LTE coverage and the I got the results below:

From the screen shot you can see that it does not show that there is 4G LTE coverage yet available in Nashville, TN area. However when I tested my speed I got pretty nice 4G LTE speeds. So I believe Sprint finally have SOME 4G LTE coverage in Nashville, TN area. Perhaps Sprints’ horrible 3G Speeds was related with the Sprints’ 4G LTE turn on or perhaps not important thing is that we (Sprint users) finally have some Sprint 4G LTE in Nashville area. I know even though it is still not like Verizon’s 4G LTE coverage but I am still excited. Finally us Sprint users can taste Sprints 4G LTE Coverage and hopefully Sprint will complete our great City Nashville and surrounding areas for 4G LTE Coverage.

If you are a Sprint user please feel free to share the areas you get Sprint 4G LTE Signal :). Image from my speed tests:

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