09 Mar 15 SNMP Communication issue between Cisco Prime and Cisco WLC

Cisco Prime 1.2 Unable to communicate via SNMP with Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

Recently had an issue with where Cisco Prime 1.2 started to show one of our Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers as Unreachable. I looked at the SNMP settings on Cisco Prime as well as the Controller and nothing changed. I even deleted the settings and tried to re add the Cisco WLC in Cisco Prime same results. After testing different things it ended up being an issue with a new dynamic interface that was added on the Cisco WLC for testing. This dynamic interface was on the same VLAN as the Cisco Prime’s interface.

So it looks like since there was an interface on the WLC that was on the same Subnet as Cisco Primes interface. SNMP requests were hitting that interface. But since Cisco WLC does not do Inter VLAN Routing like a L3 Switch. Those packets from the new dynamic Interface were not reaching the Management Interface. As soon as I deleted that new dynamic interface from Cisco WLC, SNMP started to work successfully.

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