19 Jan 10 Recovering a deleted Public Folder from Microsoft Exchange

Recently I had an issue with a user who ended up deleting a shared folder located under Public Folders in Microsoft Exchange. First I thought about using the feature recover deleted files from Outlook but then realized that it is a folder so it won’t work. I tried it any ways and as expected I wasn’t able to see anything there.

More over user cleaned up their Deleted Items Folder too so that folder wasn’t there either. After doing some research I found an awesome tool created by Microsoft to recover a deleted public folder from Microsoft Exchange. This tool is called PFDAVAdmin.exe. You can find out more about it as well as download it from Microsoft’s website.

Using the PFDAVAdmin.exe I was able to easily recover the deleted folder and user was extremely happy. Steps I took to recover the folder:

  1. Executed the PFDAVAdmin.exe
  2. Clicked on “File and then Connect”
  3. Typed in my exchange server name, Global Catalog server and my credentials (You don’t have to type in your credentials if you are already logged in as a Domain Admin) and then clicked on ok
  4. Next on the left side I expanded the “Public Folder”
  5. Found the parent folder of the deleted folder, right click on it and choose “Show deleted subfolders”
  6. I saw the deleted folder appear in “RED”
  7. Now right clicked on the folder that was deleted (In Red) and chose “Recover” and bingo it was back.

PFDAVADMIN.EXE can be downloded from Microsoft’s website. Hope this will help some other IT fellow workers. Cheers

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