03 Mar 11 IP Address Management Software

So it has been a while since I wrote something here because of my move to Nashville, TN, new job which by the way I am absolutely loving. My boss gave me a
few projects to work on and one of them was to find a solution to better manage the IP Addresses across our network, (IPAM – IP Address Management)

After looking at multiple IP Address Management Software Solutions we decided to evaluate Solar Winds’ IPAM and an open source solution called IPPlan.

Solarwinds IP Address Management:

Solarwinds is a pretty cool company that offers some free and some paid software versions for IP Professionals. I downloaded their IP Address Management Software and installed it on one of our test servers. Had to install their base software which was a pretty big download and then the IP Address Management module. Installation was easy and very straight forward no issues there. Guest OS was Windows 2003 Server. After the install it had a pretty nice dashboard and had search capabilities. Software allowed me to manually add networks and devices as well as use SNMP to pull the settings from the network devices. Next thing I wanted to find out was the price, well for unlimited IP’s price tag was a little over $15000. It is a good software however certainly not worth that much in my personal opinion. So next I decided to install and try out IPPlan.

IP Plan – IP Address Management Software

Free, easy to install, fast interface. Even though this software didn’t have the fancy, pretty dash board but it was perfect for what we were trying to do. I was able to add customer sites to the database and was able to search them by name and accounts. It also offers you the option to import the subnets using XML files or from the routing tables.

Customizing the software is possible however requires in depth knowledge of php and mysql. Which is something I’m working on to customize the input fields, integration with Active Directory is something else I’d love to see in it. In the end I’d just like to say if you have the budget and want to shell out 15K plus more power to you, but if your IT Budget is not much you should check out IP Plan it is an excellent Open Source IP Address Management software.

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