12 Feb 10 Restore Windows Offline files using CSCCMD.EXE

If you ever have to restore offline files on a crashed computer because they were not synchronized with the network share you can do so utilizing csccmd.exe. You have to get this tool directly from Microsoft or it is also on Windows 2003 Resrouce Kit Tools.

  • On the crashed computer copy the “CSC” folder from “C:\windows\CSC” folder to a working computer.
  • Put the folder on the new computer in exactly the same spot, i.e; C:\WINDOWS\.
  • Also put the csccmd.exe file in C:\WINDOWS\ folder.
  • Create a folder some where on your C Drive like C:\RECOVER.
  • Now run the utility like this: csccmd /extract /target:C:\RECOVER /recurse. It will extract all the files from the CSC folder to the new location.
  • That is it and you are done. Now you have all the offline files from the crashed PC

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12 Feb 10 Re-initialize offline files cache

Recently I had an issue with a user where he was having trouble synchronizing his files with the server. He was receiving the following error message, “unable to synchronize \\servername\sharename parameter is incorrect”. After doing some research I found out that this may happen because of two reasons:

  • Corrupt CSC data base
  • Long File and Folder Names
  • Special Characters in File and Folder names

In this users case the CSC database (Which holds all the offline files under %systemroot%\CSC” folder. What you have to do is, “re-initialize the offline files cache.

You can re-initialize offline files cache in multiple ways: Note: DO NOT RE-INITIALIZE IT IF THE FILES ARE NOT SYNCED, YOU WILL LOSE THEM ALL

Method 1
Click on “Tools –> Folder Options –> Offline Files”. Hold down the Control + Shift keys and click on Delete Files. You will receive a message telling you that, “All un synchronized changes will be lost …………………………….. “. You will have to press OK twice and then restart the system.
Method 2
Second method would be to accomplish this via Windows Registry. (Note: BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN EDITING WINDOWS REGISTRY YOU CAN REALLY MESS UP YOUR SYSTEM IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Add the following registry keys and then restart the PC:
Key: FormatDatabase --> type DWORD --> value 1

Once your PC comes back up, it will start doing the synchronization, this time with no errors. unable to synchronize parameter is incorrect – fixed

csccmd.exe can be downloaded from Microsoft website or it is also available on Windows 2003 Resource Kit

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