12 Jun 10 Microsoft Visio Alternative

Recently I got a new job and after I started the job I realized that things are a bit different there. They are kind of strict with giving out laptops so I ended up with a desktop, single monitor and my manager had to talk to the desk top services manager to get me Microsoft Office. According to them I didn’t need it since I’m a network guy and will be working on Cisco networking gear, at least that is the impression I got.

Any ways once all was done and I was working on a network one day I realized that it would be a good idea to start creating Network diagrams using Microsoft Visio for future troubleshooting purposes. As they did not have the network layout of any site. So I did what I usually do, Start, Run and then typed “visio” and hit Enter (yeah I know I like to use keyboard as much as I can got it from using Linux and Cisco equipment. Once I hit “Enter” I got an error message basically telling me that I do not have Microsoft Vision on my computer. I was like blehhhhh… now what. I knew about Open Office and google docs but I didn’t know of any Open Source Microsoft Vision alternate solution.

After a little research I found an excellent software that was free and full of features just like Microsoft Visio called DIA. DIA is available for Microsoft Windows, as well as Linux, I downloaded it right away from DIA’s website and started making my diagrams. It wasn’t as user friendly as Microsoft Visio but after spending few min on it I was able to easily use it as if I would use Microsoft Visio.

Take a look at these two diagrams that I made using DIA.
Hidden AP issue

So if you are looking for an alternate and free solution to Microsoft Visio check out:

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