05 Mar 15 Configure Primary and Secondary WLC on Cisco Light Weight Access Points

How to configure Primary and Secondary Wireless LAN Controller IP’s on Cisco Light Weight Access Points

I use this method to specify Primary and Secondary Wireless LAN Controller’s IP and Name on Cisco Light Weight Access Points. This can also be used if you want some Access Points on one Wireless LAN Controller and some on the other. This is strictly via controllers command line. It can be done via Controllers GUI as well but that will take forever especially if you are configuring multiple Access Points. Because you will need to put that information in one by one. Using Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers command line interface I can usually get this done faster.

config ap primary-base WLC-01 AP-01
config ap secondary-base WLC-02 AP-01
config ap primary-base WLC-01 AP-02
config ap secondary-base WLC-02 AP-02
| and so on….

There is one more easy way to do this is via Cisco Prime I will write a separate post on that. But this method can be used quickly if there is no Cisco Prime

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