26 Apr 12 Cisco Switch or Router as TFTP Server

Cisco Switch or Router as TFTP Server – Cisco device to device IOS transfer

Recently I had to update IOS on a few Cisco Switches but was having trouble loading the software since I work remotely and there were couple of firewalls one of them being newly deployed Cisco FWSM. Connection kept timing out even though time out was really high or I would just get an error.

There was another switch on the same network with the right IOS image that I was trying to load. So I decided I can just copy the IOS image from one switch to another. So here is what I did:

  • Switch with the correct IOS I set it up as a tftp server:
  • conf t
    tftp-server flash:image-name

  • Next I logged into the switch where I wanted to load the required IOS Image and ran the commands as usual:
  • copy tftp: flash:

  • Just follow the prompts where it asks you for the TFTP Server IP type in the IP of the other switch
  • Next for the source file type the file name and then for the destination file name I just used the default name
  • That was it and I was able to transfer the IOS image from one switch to another switch
  • . This also can be accomplished on the Cisco Routers as well.

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