04 Jun 12 Open Source IP Address and Configuration Management

Open Source IP Address And Configuration Management Software – OpenNetAdmin

So I have used Rancid for Cisco Configuration Management, used IPPlan for IP Address Management. Both are good software and they do have their limitations, few things that I was looking for were not available and I am not a programmer plus I did not have time to play around with the scripts to much to get what I need going. Few things that I was looking for and were lacking in both software were following:

  • LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory Authentication
  • IP Address and Configuration Management both in one software
  • Cisco Startup as well as Running Configuration archives along with “show version”

After doing some research I came across a product called OpenNetAdmin. Absolutely loved this product. It has a built in plug in to perform authentication against LDAP/Micrsoft Active Directory. Group permissions, you can manage IP addresses as well as configurations in one place. And I was able to use it to pull down “startup config, running config and show version as well”. Take a look at all the OpenNetAdmin Features. You can also use it to manage DNS, however that wasn’t my need, oh and the installation is so much easier. My next post would be on How to Install and Configure OpenNetAdmin and some tips and tricks that I used to get it working.

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