17 Sep 12 Cisco 4948E switch – Change boot file image

Changing boot image file for a Cisco 4948E switch

Recently I upgraded the IOS on couple of Cisco 4948E Switches. After uploading the IOS and specifying the boot file, I rebooted the Cisco 4948E Switch. After the switch rebooted I saw the following statement:

Autobooting using the first file from the bootflash..

So even if you do a show bootvar and you see the correct file in there, but every reload will boot the first file. The reason behind is because by default configuration register on the switch is 0x2101 which tells the Cisco 4948E Switch to boot the first IOS Image file. In order to boot the specified IOS file on Cisco 4948E Switch I used the following commands:

conf t
config-register 0x2102
boot system flash bootflash:image-name…..
write mem

Now when you boot you will see that it will boot from the specified file as shown below:

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