21 Mar 10 Change Local Admin Password on Multiple Domain PC’s

Your have a team of IT guys in your company and one of them either leaves or is let go. You have over 1000 computers in your domain and now you have to reset all the Administrator passwords. Changing a Domain Administrator password is pretty simple. You simply make the change in one location and it gets replicated across the whole Active Directory. However what about the Local Administrator Accounts on all the PC’s?

OOOOh yes it absolutely sounds like a huge painful project when you have 10 to 20 computers on the network it is so much easier to just walk over to each PC and reset/change the Local Administrator Password, but when you have over 1000 computers in your domain and you have to change local Administrator password on all those computers and make sure it is done, that is a scary thought.

I was given this task at work and after some research I found so many scripts and none of them were good enough for what I wanted to accomplish. I needed something that will not only allow me to change local administrator password but will also generate a failure report. After doing some more research I came across a utility called PWDMan.

This is a free utility and will enable you to easily change local administrator passwords on all the domain computers. This utility gives you the option to use the domain, or a list of computers in the domain, or simply type in the computer name. Certainly if you are 1000+ computers in your domain you want to go with the first two options. Once you specify the new admin password, utility will run for a few minutes and you are done. After that you can simply export the failure report and find out which computers process was unsuccessful and you can manually go take care of them.

I have attached a few screen shots of the process:

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