26 Feb 15 Rename Access Points Cisco WLC – Wireless LAN Controller

How to rename Cisco Light Weight Access Points on Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

When I am configuring a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller and Access Points are added to it, I have to rename them to something meaningful from their default naming convention of APabcd.fghi.1234. Now I have been accomplishing this task via GUI by going to the Wireless Tab –> All APs and then renaming them one by one. It is really no big deal if you have to rename few of them. However if you are standing up a new site and there are like 30, 50, 100 etc Cisco light weight access points on that Cisco Wireless LAN Controller, it can take forever to do this via Controllers GUI. I like/try my best to work smarter and optimize the way I do things, so I decided to start using the CLI of the Cisco WLC to rename the Access Points.

First and most important thing is to make sure we have the inventory of the AP’s or get a list of their names from Prime. Then using Excel I simply created CLI configuration lines to rename the Cisco light weight access points.

config ap name AP-01 APtttt.abcd.1111
config ap name AP-02 APffff.1234.0asd
config ap name AP-03 APgggg.1234.uut7
config ap name AP-04 APhhhh.1234.6688
config ap name AP-05 APiiii.1234.9999

Now you can utilize this simple method to rename all the AP’s real quick. Here is a quick break down of the syntax:

config ap name NEW-NAME OLD-AP-NAME or Ethernet MAC or SerialNumber

Note: AP names are case sensitive

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