14 Mar 10 Online Invoicing and Support Ticketing

I have recently started working on my IT consulting business to do some consulting work on the side. And I was looking for something that will give me all the features a small IT Consulting business would require and it would be cost effective as well. Some of the key features I was looking for are:

  • Cost effective
  • Supports multiple Clients
  • Supports Multiple Techs/Users
  • Supports sub-contractors
  • Has a Project Management functionality
  • Support Tickets
  • Estimates and Invoicing
  • Expense and Mileage tracking
  • E Mail reminders for past due invoices
  • Online payment options integration with Paypal and other Merchant services
  • Time Tracking
  • Mobility
  • Reporting features
  • Expense reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Tax reports
  • Support ticket reports
  • Profit and Loss reports

Finding all these features in one single product that is cost effective and available online was to good to be true. I contacted a few programmers and they all wanted to charge lots of money to do this. And then one day I ended up on Fresh Books website and I was amazed by the product, pricing and all the features they offer.

They offer a free version that limits you to to only 3 clients, after taking their online tour I immediately signed up for this Online invoicing and support ticketing solution and started test driving it. I was able to customize every thing in there, Upload my logo, customize my emails, invoices, inventory, client logins, login pages and much more. Their pricing starts from $19/month and goes upto $150/month but the ROI – return on investment is absolutely worth it. I can now manage EVERYTHING from location I do not need multiple programs for support ticketing, invetory and invoicing and project management. More over I can accomplish this from any where I have internet access. You can even access your account from iPhone and/or Windows Mobile devices. Track your time on the go and bill for the exact time no more guess work. No more worrying about if your clients have paid or not, this system can automatically send emails when you specify and send late payment reminders.

Like I mentioned they offer a free fully functional product that enables you to manage 3 clients. Give it a shot, visit Fresh Books – An online invoicing and support ticketing system and see for yourself.

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