17 Sep 12 Cisco 4948E switch – Change boot file image

Changing boot image file for a Cisco 4948E switch

Recently I upgraded the IOS on couple of Cisco 4948E Switches. After uploading the IOS and specifying the boot file, I rebooted the Cisco 4948E Switch. After the switch rebooted I saw the following statement:

Autobooting using the first file from the bootflash..

So even if you do a show bootvar and you see the correct file in there, but every reload will boot the first file. The reason behind is because by default configuration register on the switch is 0x2101 which tells the Cisco 4948E Switch to boot the first IOS Image file. In order to boot the specified IOS file on Cisco 4948E Switch I used the following commands:

conf t
config-register 0x2102
boot system flash bootflash:image-name…..
write mem

Now when you boot you will see that it will boot from the specified file as shown below:

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26 Apr 12 Cisco Switch or Router as TFTP Server

Cisco Switch or Router as TFTP Server – Cisco device to device IOS transfer

Recently I had to update IOS on a few Cisco Switches but was having trouble loading the software since I work remotely and there were couple of firewalls one of them being newly deployed Cisco FWSM. Connection kept timing out even though time out was really high or I would just get an error.

There was another switch on the same network with the right IOS image that I was trying to load. So I decided I can just copy the IOS image from one switch to another. So here is what I did:

  • Switch with the correct IOS I set it up as a tftp server:
  • conf t
    tftp-server flash:image-name

  • Next I logged into the switch where I wanted to load the required IOS Image and ran the commands as usual:
  • copy tftp: flash:

  • Just follow the prompts where it asks you for the TFTP Server IP type in the IP of the other switch
  • Next for the source file type the file name and then for the destination file name I just used the default name
  • That was it and I was able to transfer the IOS image from one switch to another switch
  • . This also can be accomplished on the Cisco Routers as well.

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30 Mar 10 Cisco Catalyst 2900 XL – Recovery from Corrupt/Missing IOS

Recently I was working on one of my switches, .Cisco Catalyst 2900 XL and realized that it was running an old version of Cisco IOS. I am not sure what I was thinking but I deleted everything from the flash: folder and rebooted the switch. Well switch came back on but since there was nothing on it, it just booted into the recovery mode. rommon

Thanks to xmodem and hperterm I was able to load the IOS on it and boot it back up. Here is what I had to do:

  • First I used the console cable to connect to the Cisco Catalyst 2900 XL
  • Next I started the Hper Terminal and got into the switch
  • Then I had to run the following command: copy xmodem imagine-name-123.bin
  • When prompted hit Y for Yes
  • Next you have to click on the Transfer on the top and choose Send File
  • From the drop down menu choose XModem, click on Browse and point to the file
  • Now click on Send
  • This whole process takes a while since the upload is happening over a slow console connection
  • To read more details on the process you can check out Cisco’s Website directly.

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