01 Feb 17 My CCNA Wireless Journey

My CCNA Wireless Journey, Study Methods and Resources

So finally Jan 9th, 2017 I was able to pass my CCNA Wireless. This has been long overdue and I have been so busy that I never had the chance to sit for the exam. I’d like to share some excellent websites, articles, blogs that I utilized while studying for my CCNA Wireless. I’m listing them all here so that I can utilize the in future as well as I am planning on taking more wireless certifications
Cisco WLC Best Practices
WLC Best Practices – Cisco
Configuring RADIUS Server Cisco ISE
Load Balancing and Band Select
Wired Guest Access – Cisco
MIMO for dummies
MIMO – Meraki
Cisco WLC Products
Cisco Wireless Design Guides

Some good sites on Medium Contention, Traffic Flow
802.11 DCF
802.11 Medium Contention
Traffic Flow

These are some excellent blogs that I spent lot of time on. They cover a wide range of topics such as security, mobility, product knowledge etc
Jennifer Huber Blog
George Stefanick’s Blog

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