10 Dec 12 Sprint 4G LTE Coverage Nashville, TN

Sprint 4G LTE Coverage in Nashville, TN

I bought a Sprint 4G LTE phone back in June because I was interested in Sprints Unlimited 4G LTE Plan. I was told that Sprint 4G LTE should be available by Auguest 2012 in Nashville, TN area. Well I knew for certain that there is no way Sprint will be able to complete that mark as the providers and ISP’s never do. I figured September, October might be the months. November came, and then December and no coverage. They said that they did some capacity upgrades in the area for 3G Coverage well that made even the 3G Coverage worst. Any ways so today I was sitting at work in Brentwood, TN and happen to look at my phone because the message light was flashing and all of a sudden I realize it said towards the top it said 4G. I was kinda surprised and thought it must be a mistake, something is probably wrong with the phone.

I proceeded to Sprints Website to check out the Sprint 4G LTE coverage and the I got the results below:

From the screen shot you can see that it does not show that there is 4G LTE coverage yet available in Nashville, TN area. However when I tested my speed I got pretty nice 4G LTE speeds. So I believe Sprint finally have SOME 4G LTE coverage in Nashville, TN area. Perhaps Sprints’ horrible 3G Speeds was related with the Sprints’ 4G LTE turn on or perhaps not important thing is that we (Sprint users) finally have some Sprint 4G LTE in Nashville area. I know even though it is still not like Verizon’s 4G LTE coverage but I am still excited. Finally us Sprint users can taste Sprints 4G LTE Coverage and hopefully Sprint will complete our great City Nashville and surrounding areas for 4G LTE Coverage.

If you are a Sprint user please feel free to share the areas you get Sprint 4G LTE Signal :). Image from my speed tests:

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    Brentwood, TN Moores Ln by Barnes and Nobles Book store 4G LTE signal comes up.

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    On and off in Murfreesboro the past few weeks

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    Wow Murfreesboro I guess I am not surprised. I think Sprint is starting with low population areas. Still nothing down town Nashville. Thank you for updating.

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    First time I saw 4g on my phone(purchased in early September) was in December near Metro Center then later that same day in the White Bridge/Charlotte area. Today I got 4g at my house just west of downtown Nashville. The speeds are nice… better late than never.

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    Very cool, I live in Antioch area still no 4G LTE around here in Antioch.

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    still haven’t seen it on north side of Nashville either… at least not in the rivergate area.

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    Thank you for the update Allen. I drove to Clarksville over the weekend from Antioch. Took 24 and no Sprint 4G LTE Coverage any where From Antioch to Clarksville.

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    Ya, they are deffinetly taking there time with it. My contract is up in June. Depending on whether it is rolled out in Downtown Nashville will decide whether or not I will renew it, they are WAY behind the ball on the 4g LTE bandwagon. How they can keep a straight face and sell 4g LTE devices for the last year + baffles me. Just my 2 cents.

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    I absolutely agree with you and then on top of it they are charging extra money for premium data, what premium data 3G is old come on now. And the whole unlimited 4G LTE that Sprint offers well it is only for the phone itself if you want to setup your phone as a Hot Spot it is very expensive. I may just pay Sprint early termination fee and get rid of mine. It is really useless to me.

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    I guess I would just of expected a company to rollout the 4g LTE somewhat on time and a more populated area aka downtown where most business is done. Just frustrated. They are making an attempt, but it seems like verizon deffinetly has the better network and always gets the phones sooner then sprint not to mention alot more models.

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    and it is funny, that you mentioned it is unlimited data… Hahah at 3g, who really uses that? I just connect to WIFI at work or home, unless I absolutely have to use 3g while somewhere. So ya you are paying a premium for something you are really getting. They should just sell 4g phones until the LTE is ready and deployed across the country. Kinda confusing the consumer and scamming them in my opinion.

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    I concur with you, but I think Sprint does not have the means to accomplish what Verizon did. I think they just might have some financial issues going on that are all hush hush and check out this article:

    I got rid of my Sprint service today it was useless 3G just simply horrible in the area. Porting my number to Google Voice. Plus the whole unlimited 4G LTE plan they are talking about well it is only unlimited on the phone if you want to use your phone as a hot spot it is ridiculously priced and max you can do is like 6Gig for $50 per month extra.

    Its like all these wireless providers are going backwards. 6Gigs of data is nothing these days.

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