29 Apr 11 Upgrading Cisco 1142 AP’s to LWAP the easy way

Recently I have been working on the wireless project at work and after deploying the Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controller I started to deploy the Cisco 1142 Access Points. These access points were autonomous and needed an upgrade to LWAP image, c1140-rcvk9w8-tar.124-21a.JA2.tar.

Once the AP’s came online and grabbed an IP address from the DHCP server I followed some simple steps:

  • Logged into the 1142 AP’s via web (IE)
  • Make sure your pop up blockers are turned off
  • Navigated to “Software Upgrade” menu options
  • Click on “Browse” navigate to the c1140-rcvk9w8-tar.124-21a.JA2.tar image and then click on the “Upgrade” button
  • You will see 3 pop ups come up one with the timer while the new LWAP IOS gets loaded
  • Give it approximately 3 to 4 min and you are good to go, next in a min or so you will see this Access Point joining the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

Note: I’m simply explaining my experience converting Cisco 1142 Access Points from autonomous to Light Weight Access Points. You might choose your own path or do things different way, if you follow my instructions please do so at your own risk, always make sure to use the lab before doing anything in production

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    Pls can you share how you configure the ct5508,

    As are have same LAP1142 with LWAPP, 3550-48-EMI and CT5508.

    I have got one DHCP server.

    I am not much technical, if you help me with step by step guide, will be great.

    Actully I just need to give nternet access to mobile client using my own dhcp server, not through CT5508.



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    It is actually quiet simple. If you want to use a DHCP server other than the internal DHCP server of the controller simply follow these steps:
    1- Click on the “Controller”
    2- Click on “Interfaces”
    3- Click on “Management” interface
    4- Scroll down to “DHCP Information”
    5- Just add the DHCP server IP in there
    6- As long as the wireless network and controller has access to that DHCP server there shouldn’t be any issues.

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