22 Apr 11 UPDATE-3-UNTAR_CMD_FAIL: updcode.c:2832 Error during untar of webauth bundle. Tar returned 256

Recently I had an issue where I was trying to upload a customized web authentication page on Cisco 5508 WLC and it kept giving me the following error ” %UPDATE-3-UNTAR_CMD_FAIL: updcode.c:2832 Error during untar of webauth bundle. Tar returned 256″. I am running software version on the Cisco 5508 wireless LAN controller. After some digging I found out that apparently there is a bug in this software version and if you tar the files on any windows based system and try to upload Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controller can not extract them and will give you the error, “%UPDATE-3-UNTAR_CMD_FAIL: updcode.c:2832 Error during untar of webauth bundle. Tar returned 256”.

To resolve this issue is to actually tar those files on a Unix or Linux system and then upload them to the Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controller and then it was able to easily extract the tar file. Now I don’t know if this will work for every one but for me this solution worked.

Update: I also found out that I can use a windows based free utility to accomplish it and it works. I used a utility called IZArc to tar the files and then upload them and it was successful

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    Hello Ali, Thanks for the tip!

    Question…what does the TAR file consist of?

    Let’s say my custom page needs a logo, text and accept button…so TAR the folder that has html file along with GIF file?

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    It failed for me…even though we used Linux to TAR files..

    Error extracting webauth files.

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    I downloaded the Web Authentication bundle from Cisco’s website and then modified it. My .tared file had “login.html”, “logo.jpg” and another .html file with content in it that was inserted into the main “login.html” file.

    Do you have the latest version of the software on your WLC? Also check my post I updated it for a windows system too and try to download the Web Authentication files from Cisco’s website and try to use them, see if that works.

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    Yes..This is working after downloading the bundle…I cam back to post this.

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    Thank you for the update, glad that it is working for you now 🙂

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