19 Jun 10 CWNA Official Study guide – Chapter 1

So the studying begins, its slow but still going. Work has been very busy and by the time I come home my mind is exhausted. Check out some notes that I have on my cubicle wall that I look at all day long to understand and memorize the Wi-Fi terminology.

I was pretty impressed reading the first chapter of the CWNA official study guide. It was well written and I learnt some new things just from the first chapter so far. I’m pretty excited to read and finish rest of the book and take the certification.

Amplitude (Height, Force, Power of the wave), Wave Length (Distance between two points on two waves), Frequency (Number of waves per second), Phase (Two waves starting at two different times). Nice explanations on these topics.

Also FSK (Frequency Shift Keying – Current State), ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying – Current State), PSK (Phase Shift Keying – State Transition) was a good read. And I found out something new Voice Personal – Residential and SMB’s I didn’t know about that term.

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